Wife catches her husband in the act with her twin sister – her payback is glorious

Wife catches her husband in the act with her twin sister – her payback is glorious

What would you do if you found out your husband were cheating on you? Would you key his car? Throw his clothes out of the window, or even hit the bastard? Perhaps you’ve got something more diabolical in mind…

This story was reported in Chinese media and originates from Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. I can’t be a 100% sure that it’s true, but I wanted to share it since I think a lot of people can identify.

I myself am not the unfaithful type, so I don’t need to worry about people seeking revenge, and as far as I know no-one has cheated on me. But IF it were to happen, I’d be pissed as hell, and maybe that’s why I appreciate this story about 29 year old Ting Su and her revenge.

Ting Su had suspected that her husband was cheating on her for a long time. He seemed to keep things from her, and often went out late at night. She became more and more suspicious, and in the end she decided that she had to find out the truth.

She used the “Find my phone”-function to track her husbands car to a parking lot outside of a local shopping mall.

And there, her worsts fears were confirmed.

She found her husband Cheng completely naked in the act with another woman.

But on top of it all, the woman turned out to be Ting Su’s own twin sister!

The subsequent events are proof that sometimes there is justice in this world…

Ting Su walked up to the car and confronted her husband and twin sister, who were both naked inside. When she opened the door, they both became so shocked that they jumped out of the car. They tried to get to the front seat, but Ting Su saw her chance.

When both of them were outside of the car, Ting Su jumped into the front seat and locked all the doors. Her husband and sister were forced to stand outside, banging on the doors, begging to be let in.

Ting Su laughed and drove away from the parking lot.

A person who was at the parking lot said to reporters:

“He was banging on the window for all he was worth, but she didn’t care and just drove away.”

Now Ting Su has filed for divorce. Apparently her husband had been cheating with her sister ever since Ting Su gave birth to their children, a couple of twins. Let’s hope that her daughters turn out to have more respect for each other than Ting Su’s sister had.


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