Trick your brain: 15 optical illusions that will blow your mind

Trick your brain: 15 optical illusions that will blow your mind

Some people are fascinated by optical illusions, while others have trouble appreciating them. We have a real treat for those of you that enjoy mysteries and things that play tricks on your senses. These optical illusions are completely unreal!

1. Fraser spiral
This looks like a spiral, right? Well, start on the outside and follow the lines that make up the spiral in a clockwise direction. It’s really just a series of concentric rings – the spiral is just an illusion.

Source: anopticalillusion

2. Ebbinghaus’ illusion
This illusion plays with the human perception of relative size. The two orange circles are exactly the same size, but due to the size of the gray circles around them, most people will perceive the left orange circle as smaller than the right one.

Source: techonologijos

3. The impossible cube
You must have figured out what has gone wrong in this picture the moment you looked at it, right? It has been manipulated to form a paradox. If you try to create any real life hollow cube like this, the edges will never overlap like this.

Source: gpuzzles

4. Zöllner illusion
The longer lines which are intersected by shorter lines look like they’re not parallel with each other at all – but they’re in fact perfectly parallel, believe it or not!

Source: explorepsychology

5. Jastrow illusion
The lower figure appears to be larger, but they are in fact the exact same size and shape! There are different theories as to why the brain perceives shapes like these as different sizes, but we still don’t have a definitive answer. This one is really hard to believe, but it’s true!

Source: brainden

6. Kanizsa triangle illusion
Gaetano Kanizsa created this illusion to show that humans’ perception of reality is not the same as objective reality, since our perception goes through certain filters (mental models) and creates new impressions out of geometrical shapes. Here we perceive a white triangle – even though there isn’t one there.

Source: psychology

7. Poggendorff illusion
The black line to the left looks like a continuation of the blue line, but it’s actually connected to the red line. There’s still no definitive explanation for this illusion.

Source: Wikipedia

8. Blivet
This illusion is known as “the impossible fork”. No matter how hard you try, you can’t wrap your head around this one.

Source: Wikipedia

9. White’s illusion
This one is crazy. At first glance, it seems obvious that the gray areas to the left (A) and right (B) are of different shades, but they’re the exact same color – the brain only perceives a difference due to the surrounding colors. This is called a brightness illusion.

Source: Wikipedia

10. Motion illusion
The contrasts and the shapes make it look like the image is moving.

Source: Explore Psychology

11. Hermann grid illusions
Ghostly gray spots appear at the “intersections” of white lines over a black background. If you focus intently on one intersection, the dots will disappear.

Source: nashumelo

12. This image deptics two different scenes – can you spot them both?
This amazing work by Salvador Dalí shows an elderly couple, but also two people in sombreros playing music.

Source: pinterest

13. Rotation illusion
Focus your eyes on the dot in the center of the circle and then move your head backwards and forwards. The outer wheels of the circle will begin to rotate in opposite directions.

Source: The Telegraph

14. The café wall illusion
This illusion was discovered by Richard Gregory at a café in Bristol. The lines in the image appear as very crooked – but they are in fact all parallel to each other and completely straight.

Source: Wikipedia

15. Spinning wheels illusions
You will probably see these wheels spinning. If so, take a look at any one wheel – it will probably stop spinning, while those around it keep on doing their thing. Of course it’s just an illusion, the image is completely static.

Source: msf-usa

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