A sailor and a priest go golfing – but the sailor blasphemes one time too many

A sailor and a priest go golfing – but the sailor blasphemes one time too many

It can be hard to control your temper when things are going badly in sports, but if you don’t learn to calm down in high-pressure situations, things can go south pretty quickly.

A sailor and a priest are out golfing. The sailor takes his first swing and slices it hard to the left of the green. “GOD DAMN! I missed!” exclaims the sailor.

“My son! Please refrain from using that type of language, The Lord can hear you!” gasps the priest. The sailor apologizes and they proceed with their game.

The sailor now attempts to chip his ball out of the brush. He gets off a good shot, but the ball has an unlucky landing and rolls back into a sand trap. “God damn, I missed!” he says again.

“My son! Please, refrain from such sinful language! You will anger the Lord!” the priest pleads. The sailor apologizes and they continue their game.

The sailor takes a whack at his ball from the sand trap. He has a great shot, landing the ball right on the green. Still it’s not good enough for him, so yet again he mutters, “god damn, I missed!”

The priest bursts out, yelling “My son! The Lord will strike you down should you continue in your sinful ways! You will be punished for your sins!” The sailor apologizes profusely and lines up his putt.

The putt heads straight for the hole… and then runs around the rim and stays out. “GOD DAMN! I MISSED!” the sailor exclaims, even louder than before.

Out of nowhere, a lightning bolt shoots from the sky. It streaks down from the clouds and hits the priest, instantly killing him. A deep, booming voice from the heavens speaks… “GOD DAMN! I MISSED!”

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