Old man gets furious when he finds out just how good heaven is – his reason why is priceless

Old man gets furious when he finds out just how good heaven is – his reason why is priceless

People are starting to prioritize healthy living more and more. Some people, however, decide to buck the trend. Sometimes letting loose has its charm. Who knows, it might pay off in the end.

An 81 year old couple, who had been married for almost 60 years, died in a car crash. They had been in good health for the last 10 years, much thanks to exercise and the healthy food that the wife had picked out. As they reach the gates of heaven, Jesus stands ready to receive them.

He accompanies them to their new house. It’s a grand house with a huge kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom with a jacuzzi. The couple looks around with amazement. The old man turns to ask Jesus:
“This looks great! How much it costs to live there?”

“It’s free, of course,” Jesus replies, “this is heaven after all.”

They then go to inspect the golf course which is situated just by the house. They now have the privilege of playing there every day of the week. The course seemed excellent, and was possibly the best golf course the old man had ever seen. He asks Jesus:
“How much is the green fee?”

“It’s free of course, this is heaven after all.”

They continue to the club house. There, the Easter Bunny has prepared a gigantic lunch buffet.

“Whoa, so much food! How much does it cost to eat here?”

“My friend, you’re in heaven now, everything is free,” Jesus replies.

“But there doesn’t seem to be any low calorie foods,” the man says as he looks at the full plates.

Jesus replies, “That’s what’s so great! You can eat as much as you want to, and never gain weight or get sick. This is heaven after all.”

The old man suddenly gets furious, throws his hat on the ground, and stamps on it angrily.

His wife tries to calm him down, and asks in a concerned tone, “Honey, what’s wrong?”

The man replies, “If it weren’t for your damn healthy food, then we could have been here for 10 years already!”

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