Mom gets tired of her kids not picking up the phone – now watch her ingenious solution

Mom gets tired of her kids not picking up the phone – now watch her ingenious solution

I think all parents have felt that anxiety when their teenager kid starts staying out until late in the night. In moments like these, cell phones are great, since it’s easy to check in and see if everything’s alright. But that all depends on your kid picking up the phone!

Kids often find parents’ calls among the easiest to ignore, because they know that they’ll still be loved whether they pick up or not. Oftentimes they have more “important” things to do than to talk to their mom or dad who wants them to come home.

One mom, Sharon Standifird, finally had had enough of her kids never picking up when she called. She felt that she had to do something about it – and realized that others must be having the same problem.

Then Sharon had a brilliant idea. She learned how to program apps for cell phones – a feat in itself – and developed just what she needed to solve her problem.

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She created “Ignore No More”, an app that locks the kid’s cell phone if he or she doesn’t pick up when their parents call. If they don’t pick up, then the phone gets completely locked – no more games, videos or texting. The only thing you can do is call your parents or emergency services.

You also need a password to uninstall the app, which means that the kid cannot remove the app without their parents’ say-so.

Many parents are hailing Sharon’s app as a great invention – while others are concerned that tools like these can make parents too controlling of their kids. Watch the video below and let us know – what do you think?

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