Man has sex with beautiful girl but wakes up alone in a pool of blood – what he does next is hilarious

Man has sex with beautiful girl but wakes up alone in a pool of blood – what he does next is hilarious

When you don’t have all the information available, it’s easy to jump to false conclusions – especially in stressful situations. The man in this story did just that, and in a hilarious way!

A beautiful single woman on her period decides that she’s had enough of sitting around at home and being bored, so she decides to hit the town for some drinks. Maybe she will meet that special someone tonight? She decides to go to the local bar.

As she sits at the bar by herself, a very drunk gentleman approaches and starts to flirt with her. It is clear the man wants to have sex with her.

However, she really does not want to be with this guy as he is so blackout drunk and she is on her period. She just wants to enjoy the night out.

As the night continues, she also starts to get a little tipsy and finally decides to go home with this guy.

He is so drunk, he won’t notice that I am on my period,” she thought to herself.

As they arrive at the guy’s apartment they immediately get down to business. After a great night of rolling in the hay, the man falls asleep and starts to snore loudly. The woman, feeling a little bit of shame, decides to leave his apartment and goes back home.

The next morning the man wakes up in his bed. He tries to remember what happened the night before. He vaguely remembers picking up a chick and bringing her home with him.

Alright!” he thinks and looks to the other side of the bed. The woman was not there anymore.

However, he suddenly notices that the whole bed is covered in blood.

He jumps up from the bed in horror. “Oh no… oh no… What have I done? Did I kill this poor woman while I was blackout drunk? What kind of a monster am I?”

He starts to panic and paces around like a madman in his apartment. “How did I kill her? Where is the body?”

He runs into the kitchen to check his knifes and cleavers. All of them were clean. “So I did not stab her or chop her up…” he thought to himself.

Then he runs to his gun cabinet to see if he used any of the guns and ammo. “I also did not shoot her…” he said to himself.

Panic rising more and more in his chest, he also looks into his toolbox to see if he might have used one of his hammers to kill her. “No, none of my tools were used” he whispered.

Desperate on finding out how he killed this poor woman, he slouches into the bathroom to freshen up a little.

He lifts his head to look at himself in the mirror.

Then he says, “Oh my God… I ate her.”

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