A man and 3 nurses each grab a walker – now watch the unbelievable happen as the music starts

A man and 3 nurses each grab a walker – now watch the unbelievable happen as the music starts

I’m constantly impressed by people with disabilities who fight to conquer their limitations and obstacles in life. It’s inspiring to see those who don’t look back and long for the past, but instead make the best of the hand they’re dealt and just try to enjoy themselves.

John Woloski used to live the dream life: he had a fulfilling job as a junior high school principal in Pennsylvania and was involved in charity work. But one day the 55-year-old suffered a stroke, and his whole world was turned upside-down.

The stroke lead to him losing much of his mobility and balance, and he knew that even after the long road of recovery ahead of him, he would never get back to where he was before. But Woloski was determined not to feel sorry for himself and get in a rut; instead he kept his chin up and tried to make the best of the situation.

After a 9 week intensive rehab stay, Woloski was discharged from the Allied Services Heinz Rehabilitation Hospital. To celebrate this occasion, he staged an impressive show with his caregivers – despite his limited mobility.

In the clip below (which has more than 700,000 views) he and three nurses turn the volume up and give us a spectacular show, much to the delight of the audience in the hospital and online.

Woloski is living proof that you shouldn’t let hardship and misfortune get you down, but to keep fighting and not defining yourself as a victim – but as the active shaper of your own life. He really is a role model to us all. We have all faced hardships in our lives and will again in the future, but we can always find joy if we work for it and look out for each other.

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