Kids’ hilarious answers on Religious Studies exams

Kids’ hilarious answers on Religious Studies exams

Kids never cease to amaze with their unexpected wisdom. Here are 7 kids who gave wonderful answers when asked questions on religion in school exams.

Jonah, 7 years old

kid religous test 1

The priest decides when to bury you. He sends some people to retirement homes, and then he buries those who are left over. You can call God whatever you like. You can call him Christ or Oh-Jesus.

God’s mother is called the Godmother. She’s got many grandchildren: Moses, Jesus and Santa.

God is really called the alrighty, ruler of heaven and earth. He decides on everything, all the time. God used to be called “the man with the scythe”. God is pretty OK, but he doesn’t like it when thieves get in to heaven just like that.

There’s an ozone hole in the sky, so God’s floor is a bit leaky now. That could be a problem. There are many people in heaven: everyone who’s died, plus God, Jesus and the Holey Ghost.

Some people have a holy llama. It’s really a small camel. It’s called Dalai-lama. I think it’s an angel.

If God had kept his promise to let all children come to him, then we wouldn’t need day cares.

The Bible is made up of the five books of Moses and the gospel of Mark. There’s a lot written there, and there are a lot of funny people. For example it’s about Pantius Pilates.

You should listen to what your mother says, even if she says it in an unusual way.

When someone dies they’re put into the ground, and then the priest says “dust to dust, ashes to ashes”. The he dumps another bucket of earth on your head.

Johanna, 6 years old

I don’t want to get buried when I get older, because I don’t think I can be under the ground for very long without breathing. Also I don’t want icky earth in my nose. Living in an old people’s home sounds better.

Matt, 7 years old

kid religous test 2

If you die, then God will make you into dust. Then you won’t understand a thing.

Nick, 7 years old

They believe in Nielsen Mandela in Africa.

Hannah, 6 years old

kid religous test 3

God doesn’t have to believe in anyone. He just has to believe in himself.

When you got married in the past, it was because the state told you to and because the priest thought it was for the best. Today you can be with this person or that person without the state getting in a word edgewise.

Marie, 8 years old

You can get salvation or double salvation, depending on how much you can manage.

Noelle, 7 years old

When you get married, you take a vow of silence. If you can’t keep it, you get divorced, and then you have to split the lamps and knives, and you can never decide on who gets to keep the kids. If you can’t decide, then you need to go to a broker. He decides who gets the kids, and then the other parent gets a dining table.

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