Husband won’t stop farting in bed – his wife’s extreme revenge has me in stitches

Husband won’t stop farting in bed – his wife’s extreme revenge has me in stitches

If you keep annoying those around you on purpose, then you better be ready for payback. It might come when you least expect it…

After many years of marriage, Marie is completely fed up with her husband farting loudly and disgustingly all night long.

She would tell him that he was going to blow his guts out if he kept it up like that. He would just laugh, getting pleasure from annoying her so much.

Then one morning, after a horrible night spent bathed in fumes from his bowels, she’s outside on the farm, butchering a chicken. As she’s pulling the guts out, she stops to look at them and gets an idea.

She smiles. If her pleading won’t make him stop, she sure as hell can give him a scare. She decided she would wait until he’d passed out in bed that night to carry out her dirty deed.

When her husband was sound asleep, she took the bowl of chicken guts to the bedroom, pulled down the covers, pulled her husband’s underwear down and emptied the bowl. Then she pulled up his underwear up again, went to wash her hands and went to bed.

Later that night, about 2 AM, she woke up, finding her husband not in bed. She saw a light coming from the under the bathroom door and could hear grunting and an occasional whimper.

Scared of what she might find, she pushed the door slowly open. And there, on the bathroom floor, bent over, with his ass in the air, was her husband with a look of awful pain on his face.

“My God, it happened Marie. You were right. I shit my guts right out my ass while I was sleeping. But, with the help of God and a curtain rod, I’ve got ‘em all back up where they belong.”

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