Funny story: 11 year old boy unzips his pants in the classroom

Funny story: 11 year old boy unzips his pants in the classroom

Sometimes we don’t tell kids the whole truth because we don’t have time for all the follow-up questions they would have, but doing so can cause some problems – this is one such story.

One day while Johnny’s dad was just getting out of the shower, little Johnny looked down and said, “Dad, what’s that hanging between your legs?”

“Oh Johnny, that’s my nerve, and yours will be this big one day”, replies Johnny’s dad.

The next day while in school, Johnny really has to pee. He raises his hand and says, “Miss, I really need to go to the bathroom.”

“No, you have to wait until the lesson is over,” says his teacher.

Johnny waits 5 minutes, then raises his hand again and says, “Please Miss, I really need to go!”

“Just 10 more minutes, then the lesson is over,” replies his teacher.

After 5 more minutes, Johnny couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Panicking, he looks around and sees a trash can by the wall.

Johnny runs over to the trash can, opens the lid and starts to pee.

Surprised to see her student peeing in a trash can in front of the whole class, the teacher says angrily, “My Johnny, you’ve got some nerve!”

Johnny replies, “That’s nothing, you should see my father’s!”

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