Dirty joke: Wife is tired of her husband's lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom

Dirty joke: Wife is tired of her husband’s lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom

When someone insults you or makes a biting remark, the best way to respond is often to pay them back in kind – this is one such story.

Jack and his wife Margaret both felt uninspired in the bedroom, and hadn’t had sex for a month. To get a change of pace and some fresh country air, they went to visit to a couple of friends who had their own farm out in Kansas. The farmer showed Jack his new tractor, while Margaret went with the farmer’s wife to look at their cattle.

When Margaret saw that they had 30 cows but only 1 bull, she asked, “How many times per week does the bull get to breed?”

The farmer’s wife replied, “Oh, 4-5 times each day.”

Margaret raised an eyebrow and said, “Wow, tell that to my husband when he comes by, he could learn a thing or two.”

A few minutes later Jack came by the barn. The farmer’s wife told Jack about the bull, and Jack replied, “Same cow every time?”

The farmer’s wife replied, “Oh no, a different cow every time.”

Jack replied, “Tell that to my wife.”

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