Dirty joke: 13-year-old walks into a brothel holding a dead frog

Dirty joke: 13-year-old walks into a brothel holding a dead frog

Pets are near and dear to most people’s hearts, and we’d do almost anything for them. This story is an example of the extreme things we do for love!

A 13 year old boy walks into a brothel with a dead frog tied to a string dragging behind him.

He goes up to the Madame and says, “I want to spend some time with one of your girls. I have the money, and I’m not leaving until I’ve gotten what I want!”

The Madame looks him up and down and says, “I can’t give you one of my girls, you’re just a kid!”

The kid slaps a crisp $100 bill on the desk and says, “I just want to look at them. How about now?”

The Madame shrugs and says, “OK, I guess that’s all right.”

The Madame rings a bell, and 10 seconds later five beautiful girls in suggestive outfits line up in front of them.

The boy looks them up and down, and says, “Alright, I want one.”

The Madame shakes her head and replies, “Oh no, that’s not happening, I told you before…”

The kid takes out five more $100 bills. “How about now?”

The Madame looks at the money, ponders his proposition for a few seconds, and then says, “Well, I guess so, kid. Which one?”

Kid: “I want one with herpes.”

Madame: “Kid, this is a clean establishment. We don’t…”

The kid whips out two more $100 bills.

Madame: “Hey, Kandi! You’ve got a customer!”

The boy goes in the back with Kandi, his dead frog still dragging behind him, and comes back out 5 minutes later.

Madame: “Look, kid, I gotta ask… you have all this money, you want a girl who isn’t clean, and you’ve got this dead frog… What’s the deal?”

The boy replies, “Well, when I get home, I’m going to be alone with the babysitter. She’s into me, and we are gonna do you-know-what. Then when my parents get home, my dad’s gonna drive the babysitter home, and they’re gonna do it. Then when my dad gets home, he and my mom are gonna do it. Then, after my dad goes to work in the morning, my mom and the mailman are gonna do it. And he’s the bastard who killed my frog!”

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