Man finds out what it’s like to give birth

Man finds out what it’s like to give birth

The physical pain during labor is one of the things that men never get to experience, and there are differing opinions on how well a man would handle the pain of giving birth.

Johnny Wade is studying to be a nurse anesthetist, and graciously offered to test whether he could withstand the birthing experience while at university in Tennessee.

How well would a man handle giving birth? In Johnny’s case, the answer is “not very well”, but he’s definitely brave for even trying.

As one of his fellow classmate holds him, the mature student is clearly in discomfort while his partner keeps telling him to breathe and pats his chest.

Just a few seconds after they being the pain simulation, Johnny starts screaming and begs for the simulator to be turned off as his fellow students fall about laughing.

It’s great to see that he can still smile after going through that ordeal!

Causing people pain is bad, but this was voluntary and was done under controlled circumstances.

Maybe all men should try this to understand how it feels for women?

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