9 people who parked like jerks – and paid the price

9 people who parked like jerks – and paid the price

Is there anything worse than driving around looking for a parking space, only to see that some jerk is taking up three spots all to himself? Haven’t they ever heard of markings?

And don’t even get me started on people who illegally use handicap parking spaces.

I think the reason that you get so upset is that you KNOW that these people know better, they just don’t give a damn about other drivers.

No matter how frustrated you might be though, keying their car or slashing their tires is not a good option. Here’s some inspiration on how you could proceed instead…

1. This white car had parked in front of the shopping carts stall, so it’s only fair to park the shopping carts in front of the car.

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur

2. When someone can’t park between the lines, then they probably can’t read between the lines either, and need to be spoken to in no uncertain terms.

Source: Fullredneck


3. If you park like trash…

Source: Bordometherapy


4. This is what happens when you use a handicap spot without having any disabilities!

Source: Radiomelodie


5. Good luck getting into that car now!

Source: Youtube


6. Note to self: don’t piss off people with forklifts.

Source: Funtodrive


7. When some dick is blocking your car…

Source: Imgur


8. An artist notices an illegally parked car and lets loose his creativity.

Source: Irishmirror


9. If they park badly then they probably also drive badly, so clearly we need to protect them from themselves.

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