5 giant horses line up to decide the tiny donkey’s fate - his reply is priceless

5 giant horses line up to decide the tiny donkey’s fate – his reply is priceless

This sweet and uplifting Budweiser commercial has been making the rounds on the net lately. It’s been around for a few years, but it’s still as uplifting and funny as ever.

This inspiring TV commercial needs some explanation for non-US readers.

Budweiser famously has several stables of Clydesdale horses, a tall and powerful breed historically used in agriculture, logging and driving.

After the Prohibition era ended in the US, Budweiser established their famous traveling hitches to celebrate this new age.

Since then, these proud horses have become something of a symbol for the brewing company.

In this commercial, we befriend a young donkey who starts training every day to make up for his lack of strength and stature.

He starts pulling carts, and even thinks about getting hair extensions on his legs…

And then finally, he gets his big chance to become a Clydesdale. The moment of truth arrives, and when asked why he should be let into the prestigious stable, he gives the perfect answer.

I can’t help but smile when I hear his reply!

All’s well that ends well, and the little donkey gets his life-long dream fulfilled.

Watch the video below – I think you’ll be cracking a smile in no time!

I love happy endings! It’s great to see a commercial that dares to show hope and warmth. The message is great too – you can be what you want to be!

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