21 kitchen disasters that will make you laugh and cry

21 kitchen disasters that will make you laugh and cry

Not everyone can be a master chef. You need to eat though, so being able to handle your way around basic cooking tasks is probably a good idea. When you’re lacking knowledge or experience in the kitchen, things can sometimes really go awry…

Here are 21 total kitchen failures. Some of these people probably shouldn’t have skipped their family and consumer sciences classes.

1. I wanted the bread rolls to look like happy smileys – instead they look like they’re begging for the release of death…

2. I wanted to bake a hedgehog cake for my daughter’s birthday – one of the kids started crying when she saw it

Source: reddit.com / pokon

3. Something went very, very wrong here

Source: imgur.com / dukegonzo

4. This was not the intended result.

Source: reddit.com / brfrozen

5. I was going to make egg and rice this morning, but for some reason I lost my appetite…

Source: reddit.com / NinjaBullets

6. When you forget that you’re making caramel at work…

Source: reddit.com / Skiddle1138

7. The baker lost something, and now his glasses are toast

Source: reddit.com / MyLoveBox

8. Wife came home to this…

Source: reddit.com / madcowga

9. Delicious pizza turned into a bottomless disaster

10. These chocolate covered bananas should probably not be brought to school…

11. The aftermath of a slippery floor

Source: bunnyfood

12. Anyone for meat loaf?

Source: reddit.com / londonladse

13. Someone misunderstood “burning calories”…

Source: reddit.com / luxurs

14. No, this is not supposed to happen…

Source: imgur.com

15. This is why some people should not cook without supervision

Source: reddit.com / marzz

16. First time trying to fry buffalo wings – never making buffalo wings again.

Source: reddit.com / MJ23157

17. This is an electric kettle – ELECTRIC!

18. Poor Ariel…

19. Expectations vs. Reality

Source: reddit.com / monsterman3000

20. Next time I’ll use a butter knife

Source: reddit.com / Mrrage34

21. Chocolate spread, metal top, microwave…

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