19 brilliant reasons why all men should date an older woman

19 brilliant reasons why all men should date an older woman

The time has come for more women to date young hunks – and more importantly, it’s time for men to find out what’s what when it comes to older women. We’ve compiled a list of 19 reasons why you definitely should date an older woman.

This tongue-in-cheek list is a bit lewd, so hold on to your hat!

1. It’s cheaper dating an older woman. A younger woman will cost you at least 12 beers, while an older woman wants to sleep with you after a cup of herbal tea and a cupcake.

2. Older women have good jobs and good insurance.

3. An older woman will never accuse you of “using” her – she’s using you!

4. An older woman won’t wake you up at 2 AM and ask what you think about something. She trusts herself enough to not give a damn about what you think!

5. Older women always have condoms in their purses. Younger women just hope that you have one in your wallet, because they’re too embarrassing to buy.

6. The older a woman gets, the higher her sex drive.

7. You don’t have to pay an older woman’s taxi. Older women can run faster or walk farther since their shoes are more comfortable, or they pay the taxi themselves.

8. You can have one-night stands with older women. Older women are already involved with someone, so you don’t have to worry about your relationship getting to the next level. The last thing she needs is another whiny, clingy and dependent man.

9. Older women are more honest. Older women will tell you when you’re acting like a pig. Younger women are more afraid of telling you when you’re in the wrong, because what if you break up because of her saying the wrong things?

10. Older women don’t want you to give up or neglect your friends or your interests. They’ve got their own friends and interests.

11. Older women come when they want. You don’t have to obsess as much about satisfying her, because she can handle that with or without your help.

12. Older women are more action-driven. Older women call you and ask if you want to go out, younger women sit by their phones, hoping that you’ll call.

13. Older women can cook fantastic meals from real ingredients. Younger women order pizza that you have to go pick up.

14. Older women are “psychic”. You never have to tell them that you’ve been sleeping with someone else – they already know.

15. Older women often have an interesting collection of underwear that they’ve received from admirers throughout the years. Younger women barely have any underwear at all, so you’ll never get that striptease that you want.

16. Older women know what kegel exercises are and have learned to use them at the right time.

17. Older women are experienced. They knew that you’ll have trouble getting it up after 12 beers. Younger women need some time to learn this, and you have to spend the rest of the night massaging her ego with declarations of love.

18. Older women will never accuse you of stealing the best years of their lives – someone else already did.

19. They know what they like, and probably what you like too!

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