18 scientific reasons for keeping a beer in the fridge at all times

18 scientific reasons for keeping a beer in the fridge at all times

Beer is delicious, but treating yourself to a beer or two a day can also have health benefits. However, you should try not to drink more than that in order to avoid any adverse effects.

Many researchers agree that a moderate intake of beer does your body good. It isn’t a miracle cure though, so if you’re not feeling well then don’t hesitate to go see a doctor.

That being said, there’s no shame in grabbing a cold beer after work, and here are some of the many positive effects that it can bring.

1. Prevents kidney stones

Beer is said to lessen your chances of developing kidney stones, as opposed to other beverages like soda and diet drinks (with the exception of Coke Light).

2. Improves cholesterol

As you might have heard already, wine can help combat high cholesterol. It is now proven that moderate consumption of beer can have the same effect and lower your cholesterol.


3. Vitamin B

Beer contains high doses of several different kinds of vitamin B, and by drinking a beer you will meet 12.5% of your daily intake of vitamin B6.

4. Strengthens your bones

Beer contains a form of silicon (OSA) which is good for your bones and ligaments. It promotes bone growth and development, and lessens your chances of getting osteoporosis.


5. Helps against insomnia

According to the Indiana University School of Medicine, a small sip of beer increases the dopamine in your brain which makes you feel calm and relaxed. It also helps you fall asleep. However, if you drink large amounts then the effect is reversed. 0.5 fl oz is considered a good dose.

6. Decreases the likelihood of a heart attack

Drinking two 12 oz cans a day decreases the likelihood of having a heart attack by 25%. However, once you start drinking more than that, the effect goes the other way – excessive beer consumption is bad for your health.

7. Prevents blood clots

Two beers a day can decrease the likelihood of blood clots in men and women who are middle-aged or older, which in turn decreases the chances of having a heart attack. The alcohol works as a blood thinner which helps to prevent blood clots.

8. Better memory

Most beers contain hops, which in turn contains xanthohumol. Xanthohumol only exists in hops, and research has shown that it improves your memory. However, too much beer has the opposite effect however.


9. Younger skin

A Japanese company has launched a beer that contains collagen, which makes the skin look younger. The beer is called “Precious”, and is mainly marketed for women. So far there have been no studies to conclusively show that this beer has its intended effect.

10. Lose weight

According to Tim Spector at King’s College in London, beer (especially Belgian beer) boost fat-fighting bacteria in the gut.

11. Age-related changes

Researchers at Oregon State University believe that xanthohumol in beer combats overweight and age-related issues.

12. Improves mental health

A studied in the reputable New England Journal of Medicine showed that women who drink moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages daily were less likely to suffer from mental health issues as they grew older.

13. Beer belly

Everyone has heard about beer bellies, but according to Kathryn O’Sullivan, it’s just a myth. Beer contains relatively few calories in comparison to other alcoholic beverages or a cup of cappuccino. If you drink moderately, then the beer is not to blame if you have a bit of a tummy.


14. Against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

As previously mentioned, most beers contain Xanthohumol. This substance not only helps prevent weight gain, but also protects your brain against diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. According to researchers, beer can even make you smarter. There’s just one small problem – you have to drink around 3500 pints for the intended effect.

15. Vitamins and fiber

Vitamins and fiber in beer? That’s right! “You would be amazed at how many super-nutrients there are in beer”, says Dr Stephan Domenig to Huffington Post.

16. Good for your hair

Save the last of your beer for pouring on your hair. It isn’t as crazy as it sounds – Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones actually uses beer on her hair for better looks.

17. Prevents strokes

A study of 80 000 adults indicated that 1-2 beers a day lessens your chances of having a stroke.


18. Prevents diabetes

In a 2011 Harvard study, researchers found that middle-aged men who drink 1-2 glasses of beer a day decreased their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 25%.

You should be careful when it comes to alcohol, and drink responsibly.

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