17 kids explain what farm life is like

17 kids explain what farm life is like

I’m always amazed at kids’ creativity. Here are some of the best quotes that I’ve found. Such imagination!

1. A farmer is a really lucky person, first of all because he has a tractor, but also because he doesn’t have to work – Todd, 7

2. Farmers are a race of their own, just like plumbers and parents. – Adam, 8

3. Cows have four stomachs, three inside and one on the underside. – Gary, 7

4. The cows that run around the most and shake their udders are the ones that make yogurt. – Harold, 6

5. There are hot dogs and hams inside the pig. And there’s jam in their behinds that you can eat. – Steven, 6

6. Women animals are much better than the men. They make milk and kids. And they can both hatch eggs and roar. – Catherine, 6

7. Pets are animals that crawl inside the walls. – Anna, 7

8. The female is called sow, the male is called swine. The kids are called pig letters. – Sophie, 5

9. The mother is called hen, the dad is called male, the children are called cubs and the grandchildren are called eggs. – Scott, 6

10. A typical pig looks pink and has two holes in its snout. – Paul, 6

11. Some cows are brown. They’re immigrants. – Doris, 5

12. A rudder is a thing that hangs under the cow, and has many holes where soda comes out. – Jared, 6

13. A psychologist is a crazy man that hits old ladies. – Emily, 6

14. A gynecologist is someone who doesn’t know a lot about people’s throats. – Liam, 6

15. The difference between women bodies and men bodies is that women bodies have secret rooms in both ends. – Michael, 6

16. Women have curves, and men have briefcases. – Mark, 6

17. Women are made of ovaries and they think more. – Olivia, 6

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