16 kids explain what it means to be a grandmother

16 kids explain what it means to be a grandmother

Kids can always make you laugh, but sometimes they can be wise as well. Their perspective on the world is often somewhat… unique.

About grandparents:

1. Grandma told me that when she was a little girl, girls had to keep their legs together. Today it’s not a big deal if you shake your tushie a bit. – Emma, 7

2. Grandmas always have such big bras. They’re so big that I can fit my whole tush and two knees in one of the bowls, and my brother can fit into the other one. – Isabella, 7

3. A grandmother is a person who the whole family popped out of. That’s why she’s got such baggy skin. – Christine, 7

4. A grandmother is an old lady with candy in her pockets. – Adam, 5

5. …mine has bags under her eyes. – Martha, 6

6. A grandmother is a lady who doesn’t have any teeth, and she also has really big thighs. She puts them on the nightstand when she goes to bed. – Annette, 6

7. Grandma doesn’t like lying topless in the sun. That’s because her ends are so loose. – Mia, 6

8. Grandpa is so old that he doesn’t remember why he likes women. – Ethan, 7

9. A mother-in-law is the punishment you get for marrying someone you don’t know. – Peter, 7

Children also have a thing or two to say about the human body!

10. Men have more front parts on the body. – Julie, 6

11. Men never stop producing cells, but when they get older they get something else. It’s called a mid-life crisis. – Emily, 9

12. A body is a thing that ends down by the shoes – Alan, 5

13. If you open your eyes and all you can see is black, then you’re unconscious. – Sophia, 7

14. Almost everyone has a brain. People who can’t focus on anything have a scatterbrain. – John, 6

15. It’s important for your body that you get a lot of calcium and valium, so your teeth can grow large and pointy. – Marcus, 6

16. There are many types of skin. Foreskin is the skin on your front side, and backskin is the skin on your back. – Therese, 6

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