16 kids explain what it means to be a grandmother - Julie's explanation is priceless

16 kids explain what it means to be a grandmother – Julie’s explanation is priceless

Kids can always make you laugh, but sometimes they can be wise as well. Their perspective on the world is often somewhat… unique.

Here are 16 gems of wisdom from kids that might teach adults a thing or two about life.

About grandparents:

1. Grandma told me that when she was a little girl, girls had to keep their legs together. Today it’s not a big deal if you shake your tushie a bit. – Emma, 7

2. Grandmas always have such big bras. They’re so big that I can fit my whole tush and two knees in one of the cups, and my brother can fit into the other one. – Isabella, 7

3. A grandmother is a person who the whole family popped out of. That’s why she’s got such baggy skin. – Christine, 7

4. A grandmother is an old lady with candy in her pockets. – Adam, 5

5. …mine has bags under her eyes. – Martha, 6

6. A grandmother is a lady who doesn’t have any teeth, and she also has really big thighs. She puts them on the nightstand when she goes to bed. – Annette, 6

7. Grandma doesn’t like lying topless in the sun. That’s because her ends are so loose. – Mia, 6

8. Grandpa is so old that he doesn’t remember why he likes women. – Ethan, 7

9. A mother-in-law is the punishment you get for marrying someone you don’t know. – Peter, 7

Children also have a thing or two to say about the human body!

10. Men have more front parts on the body. – Julie, 6

11. Men never stop producing cells, but when they get older they get something else. It’s called a mid-life crisis. – Emily, 9

12. A body is a thing that ends down by the shoes – Alan, 5

13. If you open your eyes and all you can see is black, then you’re unconscious. – Sophia, 7

14. Almost everyone has a brain. People who can’t focus on anything have a scatterbrain. – John, 6

15. It’s important for your body that you get a lot of calcium and valium, so your teeth can grow large and pointy. – Marcus, 6

16. There are many types of skin. Foreskin is the skin on your front side, and backskin is the skin on your back. – Therese, 6

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