11 kids explain what marriage is like

11 kids explain what marriage is like

Kids have such imagination, and they often know more about life than you’d expect. When they answer a question, you might laugh at their unconventional answer at first, but later realize that it does contain some insight. Here are 11 kids who might know more about relationships that you’d think!

Is it better to be single or married?

1. You should ask Cosmo readers. – Linda, 10

2. It’s better to be single as a girl than as a boy. Boys need someone to pick up after them. – Anna, 9

3. I get headaches thinking about stuff like that. I’m a kid. I don’t need the hassle. – Adam, 7

What’s the right age to get married?

4. No age is right for marrying. You have to be crazy to get married. – Fred, 6

5. When you’re 84, because then you’re so old that you don’t need to work anymore, and you can just lie in bed all day and love each other. – Caroline, 8

6. I’m gonna find a wife when I’m done with kindergarten. – Martin, 5

How do you decide who to marry?

7. You need to find someone who likes the same things. So if you like sports, then she should like sports, and give you potato chips at the same time. – Eric, 10

8. No-one decides until they’re all grown up. God has already decided in advance, and in time you’ll realize who you’re stuck with for the rest of your life. – Helen, 10

How can a stranger see if two people are married?

9. Married people look happy when they speak to other people. – Sandra, 8

10. Sometimes you have to guess, but if they’re yelling at the same kid, then that’s a good clue. – Sebastian, 9

What does your dad and mom have in common?

11. None of them want more kids. – Camille, 8

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