11 babies who look exactly like famous celebrities – number 10 is hilarious

11 babies who look exactly like famous celebrities – number 10 is hilarious

Some people say that everyone has a doppelganger out there, but it gets extra funny when that doppelganger happens to be a celebrity. Some people can’t even walk down the street without being mistaken for someone famous.

Kids are amazing, but what can be even more amazing is when they develop distinct features early on. Some kids may look completely unique, or exactly like someone else – even a celebrity. The site Boredpanda has compiled a list of babies that look just like famous celebrities – and we’ve picked out our favorites.

1. This little fella looks exactly like TV chef Gordon Ramsay

Source: Twitter @Claire8Ball / amazon.com

2. Danny DeVito junior looks like one happy little camper!

Source: Shannon Bihamta / Robert Zuckerman

3. Which one of these is Wallace Shawn again?

Source: reddit.com / Rommel Demano

4. This 2 year old girl looks exactly like Ed Sheeran!

Source: Zoe Walton / boredpanda.com

5. This baby looks like a pensive Vladimir Putin…

Source: reddit.com / Alexei Druzhinin

6. Baby Isabelle could be mistaken for the famous chef Jamie Oliver!

Source: David Kaplan / Jamie Oliver

7. The resemblance with Full House actor Ashley Olsen is uncanny!

Source: Mommy Shorts

8. Little Morgan could be mistaken for Shirley Temple

Source: Mommy Shorts / HO/AFP

9. My son looks like he’s related to Karl Pilkington!

Source: reddit.com / Rory Lewis

10. Which one is my son and which one is Conan O’Brien?

Source: boredpanda.com

11. This smooth little dude looks just like James Dean!

Source: Mommy Shorts

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