Only 1 in 5 can solve this puzzle in under 10 seconds – can you?

Only 1 in 5 can solve this puzzle in under 10 seconds – can you?

Challenging yourself and sinking your teeth into riddles and tricky problems is something that just gets more fun with age. I used to hate stuff like this in my school years, but as the years have gone by I’ve really learned to appreciate puzzles.

Exercising your brain keeps you sharp and is great for staving off mental problems that come with age. I love things that really make me think – we spend too much time these days just being passive, such as watching TV.

Of course, the puzzles shouldn’t be too hard, or you’ll only end up frustrated. It can be tricky finding ones that aren’t too hard or too easy, but this one was just right for me!

I showed it to some of my coworkers and about 1 in 5 managed to solve it in less than 10 seconds! That’s way better than I managed, and I consider myself pretty good at solving tricky problems.

Can you figure out the number of the parking spot containing the car?

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Pretty tricky, right? If you want the solution, simply scroll down.
To make things easier, here’s another way of looking at the parking spaces:

That’s right – if you turn the image around, the parking spot numbers that previously appeared to be 16, 06, 68, 88 and 98 are in fact 86, 88, 89, 90 and 91.

By this point, I think most people can figure out which number the car is parked on.

The answer is 87!

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